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To start, EMS stands for Electric Muscle Stimulation. The machine itself originated from Germany and is called Miha BodyTec.

This technology is huge in Dubai and Germany, and very popular in most of Europe, but has just touched down here in the United States.

From a technical point of view, it is a full body training exercise using impulse current. EMS training is highly useful for developing both strength as well as muscular development, but also for weight-loss.

To activate your muscles (contractions) your brain sends electric impulses through the central nervous system to your muscles. This natural effect is additionally intensified with the EMS device to enhance the muscular contractions. The EMS device can address and stimulate all muscles groups individually and separately. Your personal fitness trainer will adjust the impulse intensity that suits your fitness level and supports your individual training goals.

Here are a few really cool things that make EMS training the next wave of exercise:

  • It's a 20 minute complete total body workout that burns over 600 calories.

  • It helps build lean muscle while blasting off fat!

  • It drastically improves strength, power, explosiveness, and endurance - which is why athletes like Usain Bolt and the Bayern Munich soccer team have EMS as a staple in their training regimens.

  • If you're a busy person or just don't want to spend very much time in the gym, this is for you!

  • After the 20 min workout, you have the option of doing a 10 min recovery phase, with helps with blood flow and muscle repair.